Khoury Stand | Our Services
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Our Services

Services and Products

KS’s offers endless POSM solutions and modern trade activities for displaying brand products in hypermarkets, supermarkets and malls. KS’s in house service capacity covers full service staff carrying out concept creation, design, development, structural engineering, prototyping, woodworking, acrylic and plastic fabrication, wire, tubing and metal fabrication, CNC routing, laser cutting, resin casting, assembly, maintenance, warehousing and a unique operational concept for client delivery.

The service range also covers planning, client consultations and research till the best, most innovative, up to date display units’ options are presented to the client to choose from. KS’s product lines cover individual or bundled display solutions of floor stands, counters, booths, retail outlets, pallet displays, permanent point of sale displays, store fixtures, shelf and category management units, gondolas, pillars, bridges, interactive floors, Interior designs, out door identity units as well as digital and interactive display programs.

Competitive Advantages

•Up to Date Technology

At KS, we believe in the importance of constantly upgrading machinery and production methods. We continuously invest in acquiring the most advanced machines, researching the newest production techniques and training personnel working in operations.

•Lifelong Partnership

Unlike other service providers, we don’t seek to maximize benefit from our clients on a one deal term base. Instead, we invest in strategic lifelong relationships with our clients. Our work quality, and services all blend into our long term strategic objective of keeping a long list of repeat clients.

•One Stop Shop Service

At KS, our clients never have to seek more than one service provider for POSM related services. Everything from the finest materials, the most proficient team ,the fully equipped design department and the state of the art production facility is available to ensure full service coverage.

•Punctuality and Communicability

KS is well recognized for its full commitment and compliance with delivery deadlines. Not only do our clients receive their products on time, their account managers always inform them through an open communication channel with all production updates and project phase completions.

•Full Time Accessibility

KS clients can rely on reaching KS team members all day long and all through the working week. We are always accessible for receiving our clients’ calls and visits. Even after a project is delivered we remain responsive to any thought, requirement or idea our clients think of running by us.